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Travizars is a peer-to-peer social marketplace, providing a global platform for people to share and borrow anything travel related. An effort to Connect people who are passionate about travelling and sharing.

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Here is what all you can do on
1. You can't Google this! - Perhaps the most exciting of all, you can list anything like a place or a shop which isn't available on Google. It can even be a Tyre puncture repair stall on a deserted road, a tea stall with a tea you won't mind riding few miles to have a sip of. It's like travel goes micro!2. Travel Talks - you can start a discussion for any of your travel related query or you can create an event to meet up.3. Homestays & Rooms - You can be a host, rent your space, request a homestay or create an event to promote your homestay.4. Camping & Hiking - You can rent out, sell, request an item. Create an event to plan a group hiking/camping or to promote your business. Offer trek/travel guide or other travel services. 5. Camera & Electronics - You can request an item on rent or rent out/sell an electronic item. You can offer service like repair or insurance. You can create an event for photography or any adventure gear gadget.6. Bikes & Cars - Post a bike or car request, rent out or create an event. Also, you can offer services like bike/car repair or even insurance.7. Contests. Tasks & influencers - Run
 contests and promotions to promote your business. You can request a task you may be interested doing to earn while you travel (for influencers). Create a task you want travelers to help complete it in order to promote your business. Offer travel services to get a task and earn while you travel.

We'll  get the rent item picked up from and delivered to your doorstep!

An all in place for travelers!

You can join Travizars wherever you are. Joining is easy: create a free Travizars account and start sharing.
We provide you with all the information you need to ensure easy sharing and peace of mind. Read our section on how it works.
As a young company we are constantly testing, trying, and adjusting how to do sharing better. In the spirit of sharing, we want you to be as much a part of building the Travizars community as we are. 
Let us know your thoughts, ideas, and user experiences. We are here for you before, during, and after you share or borrow an Item. We would love to hear from you. So please get in touch.
For the love of Travel!
Travizars Crew
This is a place to sell, rent, swap and share goods and services with the other members of the marketplace.

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